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Implant Uncovery on Tooth #4


Implant Uncovery on Tooth #4

Case Summary:

This patient came in for uncovery of implant #4 and placement of healing cap to ready site for final restoration.

Implant Uncovery on Tooth #4 Case Summary

Technique Used:

Only topical anesthetic (TAC) was used. The incision was made using the hard and soft tissue selection with the 0.25 mm spot size, 1% mist, and cutting speed between 20% – 50% managed with the variable speed foot pedal. The tissue was contoured using the 1.00 mm spot size, 0% mist, and 20% – 30% cutting speed. The total procedure time was less than 15 minutes.

Solea Advantage:

This procedure was completed in less time, with less bleeding and an improved patient experience with Solea versus if the scalpel was used. The total chair time was less than 15 minutes versus up to 45 minutes if a scalpel and anesthesia had been used. Due to Solea’s clean surgical site, an impression could have been taken immediately following the uncovery. Solea was used safely and effectively around the implant and is relatively technique insensitive.

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