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Gingivectomy and Depigmentation


Gingivectomy and Depigmentation

Case Summary:

A 13-year-old patient was scheduled for a single tooth gingivectomy on tooth #7 due to puberty/hormone-induced gingival hyperplasia. The patient asked about lightening her dark gingiva and was treated with a 6-tooth gingivectomy and gingival depigmentation. The clinical objective was to remove hypertrophic tissue, expose tooth structure, and remove melanin for a more esthetic smile. Total procedure time, from start to finish, was 20 minutes.

Laser Gingivectomy and Depigmentations Pre and Post Op

Technique Used:

Only topical anesthetic (TAC) was used to complete both the gingivectomy and the depigmentation. Both procedures were performed using the hard and soft tissue selection with 1% mist and cutting speed between 30% - 50%. The cutting speed and spot size were the only variables that changed during the procedure. The 1.00 mm spot size was used to remove the hyperplastic tissue; the 0.25 mm spot size was used to contour the gums; and the 1.25 mm spot size was used for depigmentation. Both procedures were completed in approximately 20 minutes.

Solea Advantage:

With traditional tools (i.e., a scalpel), this procedure would have taken over an hour to complete compared to 20 minutes with Solea. As only topical anesthetic was needed, time savings were achieved without the need to inject the patient or wait for the patient to become numb. Because the scalpel was eliminated, there was minimal bleeding, minimal post-operative discomfort, and fast healing. With traditional instruments, the depigmentation portion would not have been possible. Solea’s speed, versatility, and ease-of-use enabled the dentist to complete both the 6-tooth gingivectomy and depigmentation in the same appointment that was originally scheduled for a single tooth gingivectomy. There was no need to reschedule or use a second appointment slot.

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