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Successful Frenectomies Utilizing Solea


Successful Frenectomies Utilizing Solea Improve Pediatric Dentistry

At Dr. Lawrence Kotlow’s Albany, New York dental practice, families are traveling from near and far for treatment for their children.

To witness Solea’s unrivaled ability to improve the patient experience, visit Dr. Lawrence Kotlow’s practice in Albany, New York, where families from near and far are traveling to his office for a new kind of frenectomy procedure. Traditionally, frenectomies are an invasive operation that requires anesthesia and pose a serious challenge for parents who fear a painful experience for their kids. Utilizing Solea’s technology, Dr. Kotlow pioneered a new process to treat infant and toddler patients quickly and comfortably.

Dr. Kotlow was one of the first dentists to champion the use of dental lasers in treating tongue-tied and lip-tied infants who have difficulty breastfeeding. He’s also used Solea to treat older children whose ailment was never properly addressed. “I see patients from around the world because parents do not want to put their children through the ordeal of general anesthesia or the post-operative discomfort associated with traditional methods,” said Dr. Kotlow. ”Whether it is for infants who can’t breastfeed or older children with speech problems, Solea has allowed me to do frenectomies gently in my office without anesthesia, bleeding or discomfort, providing a better experience for both the children and their parents.”

Since bringing in Solea to his practice, Dr. Kotlow has successfully performed thousands of frenectomies without local anesthetics on infants and children. A frenectomy that would take 10 – 15 minutes with a diode can be done in 30-60 seconds with Solea. Not only is that important for the doctor’s efficiency, but it is beneficial for children who struggle to stay in the chair. With infants, all of Dr. Kotlow’s procedures have resulted in the patient’s ability to achieve a secure latch post-operatively. Here, Dr. Kotlow describes how to examine a patient, surgically release lip and tongue ties with Solea, and recommends post-surgical techniques to retrain your infant to suckle correctly:

For patients and their families, Solea makes a life-improving procedure significantly easier and a less painful experience.

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