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How Solea is Changing the Pediatric Dental Experience


How Solea is Changing the Pediatric Dental Experience

The data tells us that it doesn’t matter how old you are: going to the dentist can be anxiety-inducing. With Solea, it doesn’t have to be. Solea’s speed and precision not only save time, but they also allow dentists to complete procedures without the drill’s unpleasant side effects and discomfort. Solea, quite simply, has fundamentally changed the patient experience.

Solea dentists report performing more than 95% of procedures without anesthesia. For patients that means 95% of procedures don’t require a needle, so they don’t need to wait to get numb, nor do they have to worry about the “fat lip” that lingers after the procedure. By eliminating those side effects, Solea is changing what it means to go to the dentists by attacking “dental-phobia” at the source.

According to a recent Delta Dental poll focused on children’s perception of the dentist, nearly 47% feel nervous before visiting a dentist. The possibility of a painful visit was the top reason (54%) for their anxiety. Other reasons include the appointment taking too long, the possibility of additional dental work, and not liking the dentist. With Solea, these factors are all but eliminated.

Here’s one powerful testimonial:

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