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Dental Laser Misconceptions: Debunking Common Myths

Dental lasers, like many other dental technologies, are the subject of a variety of different opinions surrounding their functionality and overall benefit to the dental practice. While it’s always sensible to do research on and consult with peers before making a purchase, many of the common thoughts about dental lasers are major misconceptions. To give you a better idea of the true benefits of an all-tissue dental laser we’re going to debunk three of the most common dental laser myths.

The cost of entry is too high for little ROI

Advanced dental equipment such as 3D imaging, CAD/CAM dentistry, and dental laser technologies come with a higher cost of entry compared to more traditional dental equipment. Often, dentists assume that the ROI generated from a dental laser is too low to justify the purchase. With Solea®, this misconception couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Solea dental laser is able to provide reliably anesthesia-free, blood-free, suture-free, and pain-free dental treatment. Practices that use Solea experience a dramatic reduction of procedure time, increasing overall productivity. For example, Solea enables multi-quadrant dentistry allowing dentists to accomplish treatments across different quadrants, which would typically require further appointments, in just one visit. Solea also allows dentists to perform more soft-tissue procedures that are often referred out, creating an entirely new revenue stream for your practice. Additionally, Solea’s reliably blood-free and suture-free capabilities for soft-tissue procedures create less post-operative discomfort for your patients compared to traditional treatments.

These benefits all add up to happier patients that are more willing to come back for repeat visits and the ability to schedule more patients during your regular work day leading to incredible ROI over time.

Dental lasers are too difficult to use and take too long to learn to be practical

Another all too common misunderstanding is that dental lasers require a heavy time investment in order to be effectively used, making them an impractical choice for dentists. While some lasers require a lot of time to understand, thanks to its single-setting technology Solea has greatly simplified the process helping dentists, regardless of their prior knowledge of laser dentistry, have a smooth and simple transition.

Solea was designed with a familiar handpiece, a rheostat foot pedal, and easy-to-navigate touch screen, providing dentists accustomed to traditional drills a frame of reference for getting started. Furthermore, Solea doesn’t require extensive long-term training for dentists to begin using the laser in their practice. Our comprehensive training programs are designed to ensure that dentists can integrate Solea quickly and seamlessly – so dentists can focus on the dentistry instead of the device.

One day of hands-on training is just about all you will need. A certified Solea dentist leads this peer-to-peer training class, and the trainee-trainer ratio is carefully controlled to make sure each trainee receives individualized attention, practice, and feedback. Following this, new Solea dentists will work closely with a Convergent Dental clinical client services team member to plan out and review their first few weeks of Solea procedures to reinforce training and to help with any challenges. You will also have access to where you can find a wealth of clinical case studies, peer discussion boards, and more to further optimize your experience with Solea.

Most patients have no preference towards traditional or laser dental treatment

It’s easy to assume that because the average dental patient isn’t well versed in dentistry that they have no preference towards traditional or laser dental treatment. While patients are likely not going to come to your practice knowing the difference between a Class II and a Class V restoration or other clinical terminology, they do have preferences regarding their dental treatment.

The concept of a laser for dental treatment that can reliably enable pain-free dentistry is an instant get for patients, and recent research has shown just how important advanced dental technology is to them. In “What Dental Patients Want” a 2016 study from Futuredontics the use of advanced dental technology ranked as the 4th most important factor for patients when choosing a dentist, ranking even higher than the dentist’s professional credentials and if the practice has convenient office hours. This is substantial because the last time Futuredontics conducted this study, just three years earlier, use of leading dental technology barely made it into the top ten factors for patients when looking for a dentist[1], showing just how much today’s patients prefer the high-quality treatment offered by technology such as dental lasers compared to the more traditional experience.

If you would like to find out more about Solea’s clinical and patient benefits and how it can integrate into your practice, you can reach out to Convergent Dental here.

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