Watch: Anxiety-Free Dentistry Starts With Solea

Solea Patient Testimonial_Siobhan

Needles. Drills. Pain.

These three things contribute to the fear that as many as one in five Americans suffer when considering going to the dentist. The good news is Solea, the dental industry’s leading dental laser, has all but eliminated all three from hard and soft tissue procedures. For patients with extreme anxiety, prioritizing their oral health has suddenly become more manageable.

Listen to patient Siobhan share how Solea has helped her overcome her dental anxiety:

Siobhan’s story is familiar to a lot of people. Ask yourself, has a patient ever cancelled an appointment out of fear? As she describes it, “[Solea] felt like air. I didn’t feel anything.” Because of Solea, the procedure is basically sensationless and for patients like Siobhan that’s pretty sensational.

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