Training and Technology: How to Integrate Lasers Into Your Dental Practice


Since Solea hit the market two years ago, we have worked hand in hand with dentists and their staff to ensure that Solea is fully integrated into users’ daily practice. With any new technology, training is essential. Not only to ensure technical fluency, but also to ensure staff can communicate confidently and accurately with patients.

There are three areas to focus on when preparing to attend training program:

  • Preparation: Convergent Dental provides a series of e-learning based self-guided tutorials to prepare for your one day training session.
  • Training Day: One full day combining lecture, cases examples, and hands on with an experienced Solea user
  • Immediately following training, application of learning is critical. Having patients scheduled for the days following your formal one day training will enable you to apply the techniques taught in the class. Of course, leveraging to ask questions or seeking the advice of our trainers ensures our new users that they have the resources to integrate the laser successfully in any practice.


Training for Success

Our goal is to set new Solea dentists up for success. Our trainers are “wet finger dentists.” They personally use Solea in their offices and understand the device from a clinical, maintenance, and practice-integration perspective.


If you’re on the East Coast, for example, there’s a good chance you will train with Dr. Fantarella. You can view him using Solea here:


For more clinical videos, visit our YouTube page.


Supplemental materials

In addition to hands-on, in-person training, we offer practice management and marketing support. We create content that explains its benefits versus the traditional dental drill. These materials are designed to help practices differentiate themselves from competitors, and help evangelize their patients by clearly explaining how Solea’s technology drastically improves the patient experience.


Ongoing education

As with any investment in technology, ongoing education is necessary to ensure compliance and customer satisfaction. There should be digital and in-person communications. Our approach is multi-tiered. We update Solea’s software regularly, so we created, a customer portal that houses all clinical cases. Our board of clinicians is active in the space and shares best practices for use of the laser. This creates a space for industry leaders and peers to exchange information and educational tips.


Combined, these three pillars offer a comprehensive training ecosystem for new users and a way to interact with a community of dental professionals committed to the highest standard of patient care.


To add Solea to your practice, contact us here.