Solea is the first CO2 laser system ever cleared by the FDA for hard and soft tissue ablation. It’s fast, precise, virtually noiseless and anesthesia-free for the vast majority of procedures. Soon, pain and anxiety will be a thing of the past.


Why Solea

Solea is the only CO2 hard tissue laser available, with a 9.3 μm wavelength that gives you speed and precision no other laser can offer. It nearly eliminates the drill from dental procedures. For doctors and patients alike, Solea completely changes what it means to go to the dentist.

Virtually Drill-Free

Solea is a complete paradigm shift in traditional dentistry. It has no vibration, practically no noise, and rarely requires anesthesia. It delivers a better patient experience from start to finish.

Fast and Easy

Solea’s unique 9.3 µm wavelength operates significantly faster than any other hard tissue laser on the market. But sophisticated doesn’t mean complicated. Solea is simple to use and can be mastered in just one day.

You’re In Control

Solea is the first Computer Aided Preparation (CAP) system in dentistry. It has a familiar handpiece, easy-to-navigate touch screen and an incredibly responsive variable speed foot pedal so you’ll be in complete command from the beginning.


New technologies become great new technologies when they change people’s lives. Solea operates at a unique wavelength with sophisticated, yet simple computer controls that enable high-speed, precision cutting on both hard and soft tissue. Solea works on just about everything – from gingiva to dentin to enamel.

Isotopic CO2 Laser

Solea performs entirely differently than any laser before. Native CO2 lasers, at 10.6 µm, are only useful on soft tissue. And erbium lasers only vaporize water and slowly chip enamel away. Solea uses an oxygen-18 isotope and other modifications to emit 9.3 µm, matching the peak absorption of hydroxyapatite.

The result? The isotopic CO2 laser actually vaporizes enamel, giving you the power to work anywhere in the oral cavity, from any angle, with speed and ease. Even decayed tissue and interproximal cutting won’t slow you down or compromise your performance. And for soft tissue, you will love how it allows you to feather into cuts with more precision than you ever imagined.


Solea’s powerful 9.3 µm beam is optimized by galvos – computer-controlled motors that move mirrors inside the handpiece. The mirrors manipulate the beam thousands of times per second, creating patterns that are perfect for the tissue you are cutting, be it enamel, dentin or soft tissue. Galvos are a key component in Computer Aided Preparation (CAP), which gives you speed, accuracy and control unprecedented in a dental laser.

Spot Size

Other lasers require you to change the focus of the beam to get a different spot size. With Solea, galvos direct the beam, without affecting focus or power. You simply select the desired spot size and the computer does the rest, no compromises.

Variable Speed Foot Pedal

Solea’s variable speed foot pedal is unique among lasers in dentistry. The harder you press, the faster it cuts – there’s rarely a need to stop and change settings. Solea increases control, saves time, and makes for an intuitive, easy transition from the drill.