Solea® Laser Training

With training Solea is extremely easy to use. Our comprehensive training programs are designed to ensure that dentists can integrate Solea quickly and seamlessly – so dentists can focus on the dentistry instead of the device.


To begin the on-boarding process, the dentist is invited to schedule training at one of our training centers. The peer-to-peer class is led by a certified Solea dentist, and the trainee-trainer ratio is carefully controlled to make sure each trainee receives individualized attention, practice, and feedback. We schedule Solea installation to follow training closely, so the newly trained dentist can make immediate use of the new knowledge. At installation time, the Field Service Engineer will train clinical office support staff in the daily system setup, maintenance, and other routine Solea hygiene activities.

Online courses

As a part of the training, we provide access to our online training system to introduce the dentist and staff to Solea and to the basics of laser dentistry. The online courses are designed to prepare the new Solea dentist for hands-on training. Our online curriculum includes required modules, optional advanced modules, and a wide variety of just-in-time refresher modules to reinforce learning from face-to-face training.

In-person training

The full day in-person training is centered on hands-on activities designed to make dentists comfortable with all aspects of Solea, from setup and maintenance, to ergonomics, to patient safety. Each dentist works on Solea to perform cavity preps using extracted teeth, and soft tissue procedures using porcine or bovine mandibles. Many classes also include a live treatment of a Solea patient by the Solea trainer. The sessions are designed so each dentist can master all the techniques needed to start working with Solea in their practice immediately after Solea is installed a few days later.

Follow-up and on-site support

New Solea dentists work closely with a Convergent Dental clinical client services team member to plan out and review their first few weeks of Solea procedures to reinforce training and to help with any challenges. In some cases over-the-shoulder coaching may be indicated, provided by one of our client services team members. Of course our team of field service technicians are equipped with a wide array of diagnostic and repair instrumentation, should the need arise.

Clinical sharing calls

To ensure Solea users are always learning, clinical sharing calls are held to cite clinical cases, best practices, and share any new information related to laser dentistry.

We’ve created a gateway to exclusive content and information that includes peer discussion boards and all the latest literature and information needed to optimize your experience with Solea.