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Same-Day Crown Lengthenings
& Crowns

Solea cuts enamel, dentin, decayed hard tissue, and bone anesthesia-free, and enables soft and osseous tissue procedures that are blood-free and suture-free with minimal post-op discomfort and remarkably rapid healing.

  • Same-day crowns (including crown lengthening)
  • Same-day crowns and restorations
  • Multi-quadrant dentistry
  • Soft tissue surgery previously referred out
  • Same-day snoring treatment
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Experience Solea at DS World

Learn how adding the Solea All-Tissue Laser to your practice allows you to provide Same-Day Total Care and deliver the ultimate elevated patient experience. Schedule a meeting with a Solea Representatives while you're in Vegas or stop by the booth.

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Schedule your 20-minute educational meeting with a Convergent Dental Representative during DS World 2022 using the calendar below.
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“Solea increases the breadth of what we can do. We no longer have to refer out to everybody, we can do new procedures. I never thought in a million years that my favorite procedure to do would be a same-day crown and crown lengthening. And not having to wait for anesthetic is a total game changer in your efficiency. We as dentists integrate technology like CAD/CAM and Solea to take our practice to the next level, do better dentistry, and have more fun doing it.”

Timothy Anderson, DDS
Missouri River Dental, Bismarck, ND

Additional Resources

Crown Prep Tissue Sculpting

The key to a successful CEREC same-day restoration is the ability to have smooth clear margins with separation at the time of scanning. Solea’s ability to precisely cut through gingiva in a virtually bloodless fashion allows for an effortless, perfect scan.

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Anterior CEREC Veneers with Esthetic Crown Lengthening

This procedure demonstrates precision, minimal bleeding, reduced procedure time (4-5 minutes compared to approximately 45-60 minutes with traditional tools), and very fast healing.

Closed Crown Lengthening #9

This patient presented with tooth #9 fractured subgingivally. Evaluation revealed the fracture extended to the osseous crest. The patient was given the option of extraction and implant, or a closed, flapless crown lengthening followed by a post and core and crown.

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