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Solea® Now Available Through Henry Schein


It’s True: You Can Now Buy Solea® through Henry Schein

Many benefits, such as gaining new customers and increased revenue, arise from strategic partnerships. These benefits are magnified when the companies involved are leaders within their spaces and have a lot to offer one another. This September, a new partnership in dentistry began when Convergent Dental announced collaboration with Henry Schein. Excited to welcome another premier dental distributor into the family, Convergent Dental is fortunate to also have partnerships with Patterson Dental and Benco Dental.

Now officially offering the Solea dental laser to their network of customers, Henry Schein’s mission is to help dental professionals work more efficiently so they can provide quality care more effectively. This aligns with Convergent Dental’s vision to forever change what it means to go to the dentist, thanks to reliably anesthesia-free dentistry.

A complement to the mission of more efficient and effective care, Solea is the ideal technology to represent distributors such as Henry Schein. Here’s why:

Removing anesthesia from the dental equation = instant efficiency

In the official press release, Convergent Dental CEO Michael Cataldo says, “Adding Solea to the market has had a profound effect on dentistry”—and that could not be truer. When dentists integrate the 9.3 µm CO2 dental laser into their practices, an immediate transformation to workflow follows.

Time translates to profit and every minute matters in this profession. That is why it is important to work smart. With Solea, working smart is inevitable. After adoption, it won’t be long before you notice how much faster procedures are being completed, and how much more revenue is being generated at the end of each month.

A dramatically improved workflow with Solea is a result of its clinical advantages, but its anesthesia-free capabilities may be what most separate the all-tissue laser from traditional instrumentation and other laser technology. Dr. Michael Kelly shares his experience in “How to Improve the Patient Experience with Solea®", specifically discussing how he benefits from working anesthesia-free in most cases. He says, “I have at least one hour a day that I didn’t have in my schedule before. I used to walk in the room, calm the patient down, give the shot, walk out of the room and come back 10 minutes later. With Solea, I explain what I’m doing, pick up the laser and go to work. It’s not unusual for me to finish the procedure before I would have even picked up the drill to start.”

Just think: an extra hour (or more) added to your day could allow you to see other appointments, or you might use the time to head home early and relax; then come back the next day rejuvenated and ready to provide your best care to patients.

Fast and precise hard tissue and reliably blood-free soft tissue procedures = major time savings

When the drill and scalpel or a less advanced laser is used, procedures take longer and require more of you and the patient sitting in the chair. However, with Solea, even the most complex clinical scenarios can be handled much quicker and with less stress than ever before.

In a granuloma removal and apicoectomy with bone graft case, Dr. Louis Napolitano demonstrates how Solea simplifies a typically laborious surgery. According to the practitioner and many others with the same opinion, fibroma removals can be a burden as they produce a lot of blood, are messy, and time-consuming. However, this stigma was totally erased for Dr. Napolitano who was able to perform the surgery virtually blood-free with Solea.

Without blood to obstruct the surgical site, he was able to carry out the rest of the procedure seamlessly. For instance, cutting through bone was simple, as was removing excess granulation tissue. Dr. Napolitano was also able to save a lot of time: compare a surgery that would normally take 60-90 minutes vs 40 minutes with Solea.

More effective, virtually pain- and anxiety-free care = a better dental experience for everyone

It sounds unbelievable, but Solea actually makes dental care more effective before procedures even begin. What this means is patients understand prior to treatment that an appointment with Solea will be unlike any other visit to the dentist because of a reliably needle-, pain-, and noise-free experience. Knowing that all sources of anxiety are removed will help them relax and be more receptive to diagnosis and treatment planning. This alone will allow you to provide the most effective care possible, and best of all, your patients will be happier than ever. It is a win-win for everyone.

Dr. Kelly, the same practitioner whose practice was transformed by anesthesia-free dentistry, also loves how his patients have responded to Solea. In the same article mentioned earlier, Dr. Kelly shares how the laser has enhanced the patient experience, saying, “With Solea, about 98 percent of the time patients get out of the chair and say, ‘That was amazing. I didn’t feel anything.’”

Call them “perfect fits” or “ideal matches,” Convergent Dental’s partnerships with Patterson Dental, Benco Dental, and now Henry Schein just make sense. When you take dental distribution giants and one of the most forward-thinking, dental technology companies in the US and combine them, the impact on dentistry is monumental. Now with Solea made even more accessible to dental professionals, the best is yet to come and we can only predict that means more efficient and effective care at the highest level. For additional information or to add Solea to your practice, contact Convergent Dental, Henry Schein, Patterson Dental, or Benco Dental today!

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