Robert C. Hull, D.D.S., P.C.

The Solea hard and soft laser is a real game changer. On many routine patient procedures, I very rarely have to use anesthetic, which both saves time and immensely improves the patient experience. Without the needle, numbing, pain or whine and vibration of the drill, many times my patients have no idea on which tooth I am working. They are consistently shocked at how painless the Solea laser is and they tell me they won’t ever go back to the drill. My patients are happier than ever and as a result I’m seeing more new patients than ever.

Jen Waters, D.D.S.

The Solea laser is amazing. So far I feel like it has filled all the promises that my Waterlase was said to, but never did. Patients are enjoying it too. I am excited and impressed with the amount of support Convergent Dental provides their doctors. I am privileged to be a part of the family.

Jerry Wender, D.D.S., PA

On day one with Solea, I performed six fillings on a patient in a single visit. I was able to easily complete them without her feeling anything. One of the fillings had a large composite, which came out with ease. I then tackled a bicuspid with a large, old amalgam and a lingual under a crown. She was surprised when we were finished because she didn’t feel anything.

Paul Matlock, D.D.S.

This past January was my first month with Solea and it was a record breaker as far as production and efficiency goes. THAT has a big impact on my bottom line. Thank you so much for all you do.

Ryan Slaten, D.D.S.

After just one day of training, I felt comfortable with my Solea. The handpiece felt natural from the beginning and this excitement was heightened when I saw the Solea’s anesthesia-free and blood-free capabilities firsthand. The dental laser has increased the number of procedures we are able to perform daily because we rarely need to use anesthesia. Out of thousands of procedures performed by the four dentists in my office with a Solea, I could easily count the number of people who requested anesthetic on my fingers and toes. I am so impressed with the efficiency gain that I plan on purchasing another Solea for my practice.

Joshua Weintraub, D.D.S., PA

Lares traded in my ’09 Powerlase and gave me an ’11 Lightwalker, which can now be admired on eBay! Solea is the real deal. Patients are truly amazed by their experience. This never happened with my erbium lasers.

Patrick McEvoy, D.D.S.

I still find it hard to believe how much I can do without anesthesia. More than 95% of my general operative work is now anesthesia-free. I work in multiple quadrants in a single appointment. I fill cavities for patients right out of hygiene and they are comfortable sitting for more dentistry, all because it doesn’t hurt. My patients love the experience and I love the increased efficiency.

David M. Fantarella, D.M.D.

I have been using hard and soft tissue lasers since 2008 and Solea is by far the best all tissue laser that I’ve ever used. With Solea, we finally have a hard tissue laser that approaches the speed of the drill. There is no comparison between Solea’s CO2 laser and erbium lasers. Solea is many times faster than my erbium laser. Often times, my preparations with Solea are completely drill-free, resulting in an entirely different experience for my patients. Because of Solea’s power and ability to cut any tissue from any angle, I am able to perform procedures that I would have never attempted with an erbium laser. This has truly changed my practice for the better. Almost from the day I started using it, Solea became an indispensable tool in my armamentarium.

Lawrence Kotlow, D.D.S., P.C.

Solea establishes a new standard for dental lasers. We will literally have to re-write the textbook on laser dentistry because of the innovations incorporated within Solea. I believe that these innovations are what enable Solea to outperform every other laser on the market. The galvos manipulation of the beam, the variable speed foot pedal and the ability to change the spot size with a tap on the touch screen are all unique to Solea and incredibly effective. I’ve owned three other all-tissue lasers and multiple diodes at various wavelengths. Solea cuts faster and with more precision than any of them for hard and soft tissue. It’s a no brainer. Dentists are going to be amazed by Solea’s performance.

George Maryniuk, D.D.S., MPH

Several years ago I purchased an erbium laser, and even with additional hands-on training, the unit ended up being an expensive door-stop. Not so with Solea. The soft tissue capabilities have allowed me to perform bloodless and virtually painless procedures that had previously been routinely referred out. Tooth preparation on the lab bench was impressive, but in the mouth, it’s remarkable! Dentistry has seen several revolutionary advances in the recent decades but Solea is a disruptive technology that takes things to another level all together. Solea delivers on the promise of laser dentistry. The future has arrived!

Mark Mizner, D.M.D.

I wouldn’t even consider a hard tissue laser before I saw Solea. As a first time hard tissue laser user, I was shocked with not only how fast it cuts but also how easy it was for me to come up to speed. My patients love it. One patient actually told me I changed her life. Taking the noise, vibration and needle out of the equation delivers an experience I only hoped for prior to Solea. Speaking of the needle, 95% of my Solea procedures are anesthesia-free. My patients love the experience and appreciate that I have the latest technology in my operatory. There is no doubt in my mind that Solea is better for my patients and better for my practice.

Ronald Plotka, D.D.S., P.C.

My patients love it. I use Solea for everything from class I preps to crown preps, all without anesthesia. Solea is far superior to any other laser that I ever used, for both hard and soft tissue. It is the perfect complement to my CAD/CAM system. It is part of a less invasive, more comfortable, patient experience. I think Solea will revolutionize dentistry and will draw patients to my practice.