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A Year in Review with Convergent Dental and the Solea® Dental Laser


As 2017 comes to a close and we get ready to enter a new year once again, it only seems fitting to look back on the moments that helped to make 2017 such an extraordinary time for Convergent Dental and of course, the Solea® Dental Laser.

With the coming and going of the years, we have witnessed our company change, grow, and accomplish more than we could have ever imagined. From our big move to Needham, Massachusetts and the launch of our educational website for patients (ilovesolea.com), to the influx of product appearances across major news channels, adoption of Solea by a multitude of new practitioners, and a 40% employee acquisition increase, we say with confidence that Convergent Dental has truly helped pave the way for a different kind of dentistry this year.

We are excited to highlight five of our greatest achievements, and by the end of the post, we hope you will understand why we are so proud of our company and the all-tissue laser that has made a difference in both the lives of dentists and our own.