Solea Transforms How Patients Experience the Dentist

Mark Solea Blog Post

Whenever most people think of the dentist, they feel uneasy. They remember the noise of the drill and its uncomfortable vibrations. Thanks to Solea, the first FDA approved CO2 laser, those memories are becoming a thing of the past. Solea eliminates the dread that prevents nearly one third of Americans from visiting the dentist every year.

For Mark, a college-aged Solea patient with Dr. David Fantarella in North Haven, CT, dental anxiety was a hurdle. Fillings scared him, and he walked into the dentist’s office nervous. After experiencing Solea, Mark’s opinion of dentistry completely changed. Here’s what he had to say:

Because of Solea, Mark is no longer fearful of the dentist. He told us, if he knew he’d be getting a dental procedure done with Solea he might actually be excited to come. Now that’s something we do love to hear!

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