Solea Laser Reduces Dentist Stress


At the beginning of the year, Dental Products Report released a survey about the mental state of today’s dentist, and author Kevin Henry’s findings paint a pretty stressful picture. As a partner to many private practices, we can certainly empathize. We can also offer a solution. For those looking for a way to alleviate some of the most common stresses in dentistry today, take a look at Solea.

When it comes to financial worry, the top concern of 40% of the 635 dentists surveyed, Solea can make an immediate impact. It has proven to be a practice builder when it comes to daily production and patient referrals, because Solea not only improves practice workflow, it also lets dentists create a differentiated patient experience. We’ve heard time and time again that seeing a Solea dentist takes the dread of going to the dentist out of the equation. No white-knuckles or anxiety. This kind of experience quickly builds buzz and generates billable referrals, as it sets practices apart from competitors.

Listen to Dr. Plotka describe the effect Solea has had on his business:

Another concern that keeps dentists awake at night is patient retention and satisfaction. Dr. Doniger, quoted in the DRP article, refers to it as “patient loyalty.”

With Solea, practices can offer a wider variety of procedures and a better patient experience, eliminating the need for patients to seek treatment elsewhere.

Listen to Dr. Herzog describe the effect Solea has had on his patients:

Take frenectomies and tongue or lip tie removals, for example. Prior to Solea, dentists often had to refer these procedures out. Not the case anymore. In Dr. Kotlow’s case, the ability to reliably treat frenectomies has put his practice on the map. Patients are traveling from around the country to see him and his Solea.

We believe positive experiences breed loyalty, and Solea has a proven track record of helping dentists provide more value to their patients. Of course, DPR reports on other factors, too, like navigating insurance claims—issues our industry will have to face together. However, when it comes to addressing common practice worries like practice growth and patient loyalty, there’s no better place to start than Solea.

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